Monday, December 3, 2007

Eat to Live not Live to Eat

"Eat and drink for tomorrow we die." That's an overused, abused quotation by Shakespeare. Many young people acquire diseases out of wrong eating practices. When my eldest was a kid, I was strict that he does not bring softdrink to school. Junkfood, as we call it, has been here since Coke came to the country. Filipinos, who are blessed to enjoy the abundance of agriculture, aquaculture, are extremely influenced by a foreign eating culture, disregarding our own rich harvests from the farms both in land and in water. I was shocked then that a seven-year old child can acquire urinary tract infection.

With the licensing of franchises of fastfood companies, Filipinos have frequented shopping malls. Traditional food are prepared for ordinary days. French fries, hamburger, spaghetti, softdrink: Name the brand, you get it. So, what is the result?

My younger sister who has unbelievable appetite had gallstones operated. I knew it was possible with the eating habit she had. That was more than five years ago. What I can't believe that a 27-year olde niece has acquired gall stones as well. Well, I have witnessed the family's passion for food in capital P. I was not the type of aunt who openly expresses ideas to this particular relatives because I am sure they're intelligent enough to discern simple truths. Now, it happened. How many times do we have to learn that moderation is the rule of the game? We have to play the game by its rule, or how do you like to go under the knife?

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