Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Camella Homes - (Mis)Leading Community Builder

This refers to a complaint I have filed with Camella Homes regarding a property I was trusted to oversee at Block 10 Lot 1 of Camella Springville South2, located at Molino3. Bacoor, Cavite for Ms. Evangeline Faller acquired through mortgage November 2006 under Pag-ibig. It has been a complete year since I filed my original complaint which was followed with personal visits, text messages, and phone calls.

The property is a corner dead-end lot. A perimeter fence which serves as its firewall as well is the adjacent to Cuevas and Macoa Compounds. People neglect the backyards because it's not visible to passers-by. This would explain the unfinished cementing of the road and sidewalk which directly affects the corner lot at the dead end portion of the subdivision.

The monthly amortization we pay is Php16,298. I give emphasis on the amount to drive to the point that the property is not a low-cost project; that with that amount, we deserve high quality of craftsmanship in the construction of the house which did not turn out to be as I expected. I was convinced to sign move in papers with the assurance from the contractor, Esguerra Construction, that they are willing to repair any complaint as long as its within the interiors only. One major complaint is the drainage system which is clogged, the manhole cover is broken exposing the pit with its murky, smelly water. This also causes clogging in the bathroom drainage so everytime the toilet is flushed water would gush out of the flooring. My sidewalk is all flooded, I cannot open my main entrance gate to accomodate vehicles inside my fence.

Another major complaint is the incomplete cementing of sidewalk as well
as the road leading to the perimeter fence. This becomes a muddy site during these stormy days. What an ugly site for a place from a leading homemaker, Camella Homes.

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