Sunday, May 4, 2008

Divine Sign

I was deep in prayer with both knees knelt down. My petitions included the immediate principalship/oic post, the enrolment of Academy of the Virgin Empress this coming opening of the SY 2008-2009. Somehow I also included Myrene, my teacher, that she'll overcome her situation. I didn't ask God for any sign. I seldom ask for signs. I'm always the "thy will be done" type. A very unexpected turn unfolded before everybody's eyes. My companions were singing our hyms. A little boy, we fondly call him Aloy, son of Ronel and Cristy Reyes, approached the "altar" and handed me a stem of yellow chrysanthemums. Gratefully, I reached for the chrysanthemums and placed it in the vase nearest me. I finished my prayer and went back to my seat. It didn't reflect anything to me other than a little boy being sweet who is offering flowers to the Virgin Mary since May is the flores de Mayo month.

After I have settled back in my chair, Mam Lit asked me what the color of the flower (she said "rose", but I corrected her that it was the same as the one we had for the offering). She looked at me with such emotion. "It will be granted, you will become oic", she told me. She attributed the yellow chrysanthemums as a divine sign that God will grant my prayer. Overwhelmed, I could hardly react except for a soft "Thank you".

Our conference followed with the usual lectionary about having natural and super natural faith. It was mentioned again - her own experience of having received yellow flowers - as God's sign, though she did not mention to our group my personal intention. Deep in my heart, I was so grateful about her interpretation of the incident. God's will be done unto me, alleluia. AMEN

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