Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thy Will Be Done

Exactly the same date after my last spot, I was called to the Division Office. The wait is over. The ranking was announced. Finally, Miss Capistrano will be the next Principal of Golden Acres National Hi. Second rank, Mr. Rigon will take Miss Capistrano's post. Rank 3: Mr. Parilla will occupy Mr. Rigon's post. Dr. Valdez takes 4th rank; she is assigned at CAA Annex. I get the fifth rank and I am to be assigned at Gatchalian. I accepted the assignment with a heavy heart. Aside from the great distance, I will be with a notorious personality in DepEd Las PiƱas history. God read my thoughts. I was called back to the Superintendent's office. It was almost 5 o'clock and I was wondering what the agenda was. The Superintendent explained that there was a technicality in the decision. Mr. Parilla holds the item of Teacher III while I hold Head Teacher I. Therefore, I should be ahead in rank; I should be in Equittable Annex. I felt so relieved and grateful. It was answered prayer.

Once again, I confirm God's love and protection. A great sinner that I am, yet He never abandons me.

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