Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Lesson in Humility

Three months ago. That's how new I am in my present office. We have been asked to submit promotion papers for the official position of Principal I. I'm indeed very lucky. From Teacher I to Head Teacher I and soon Principal I.

I give back all my thanks to God for the tremendous blessings. I did not ask for much but he gave so much in return. I just did what I felt was best; not even a sacrifice was offered. All the trials, I embraced it. I accepted it as part of life of a grown-up individual. Sons both employed. All are blessed.

In the present office, a lot of blessings have been showered again. The teachers are young and resilient. Just like sponges, they're ready to absorb everything. I just have to be careful with the role modeling on my part. I didn't have a problem in this aspect even in the past. Students look up to me though I don't exert much effort. I'm just me.

One of the challenges I faced in this new task was settling the grievances of the English Department. I am very pleased with the performance of the Department because they placed 2nd in school level, Araling Panlipunan being the topnotcher. The problem was the behavior of the subject coordinator. He forgot teachers are human beings - intelligent at that. They don't have to be treated like illiterate indios during the Spanish era. I was not new in this arena. I went through a lot at Golden Acres during my 9 years of stay. I can solve the problem in just one sitting. And I did! To teach the lesson of humility is a piece of cake. I intended to relieve him in his temporary assignment. And how he begged to be given a second chance! The teachers were so compassionate to give in to his request. When a person asks for apology, is the start of humility. That's the best application at the end of a lesson.

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