Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Singing Latin Mass Hymns

I feel exceptionally proud whenever I am able to join my choir outside the parish to sing in a mass in Latin. The practice under Arthur Medina is very stressful. He demands performance level even during the rehearsals. Last time I failed to join the choir because I was scheduled to be introduced to the teachers in my new assignment as Officer-in-Charge. It was disappointing knowing that another chance may not come again very soon. But I was wrong. Our choir got invited again last June 21.

We sang "Canticurum for the entrance hymn, followed by "Kyrie and "Gloria". For the offertory, we sang "Jesus Amante", followed by "Sanctus","Agnus Dei" and for the communion,"Venid, Venid". We got surprised when Fr. Vir Mendoza chanted the in liturgy of the Eucharist. We were not prepared for the responses but we have to trust our rusting memory for the lines (that was more than half a century ago when I last recited those lines).

As a preschool child, I used to sing with the church choir songs I do not understand but just the same sang from the heart because I knew those were praise songs for the Lord and other Saints especially Mama Mary. We were raised in strictly Spanish culture, thus the strong faith in supreme God and the veneration of Saints during feast days.

At the Imus Diocese music ministry seminar workshop, it was discussed that Latin songs will be revived in the Catholic mass. I'm sure it will draw a lot of reactions. I'm not so good in singing these Latin songs but I welcome it. It gives a cleansing effect though the language is alien but the meaning is in my heart embedded by the culture and legacy handed down by our ancestors.

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