Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Long Weekend

The National Heros' Day fell on a Sunday. This holiday is usually known as Bonifacio Day. He is the contender of Rizal for the National Hero. So, he fortunately falls second only to the great Jose. What does one do on a long weekend like this. I cancelled our plan to visit Paskuhan Village, now called Hilaga, to view the giant Christmas lanterns which show Kapampangan's craftmanship in lantern-making. I was down with a bad cold and cough. I had to consult a government physician for my antibiotics. I stayed in bed the whole Saturday, watching television. I took hold of my 50th birthday video taken by choirmate Levy Certeza. It was four years ago but didn't feel I'm fours years older. It took this long before I could appreciate the fun we had during the celebration at Fernino's KTV. The songs of yesteryears i belted, "The Nearness of You", Sir Rick's "Ebb Tide", "Amor"; Manay Elvie's Evergreen. Then the modern songs of Archie, our organist, the new member from Citihomes belting a la Josh Groban. But the most striking was my duet with my eldest son, Erik in the song by Barry Manilow, "Somewhere Down the Road". Teng belted out his rock lullabye as well. NiƱa, whom I thought was Erik's gf, rendered "Breathless. The video ended with cake lighting, singing birthdya song, slicing of the cake plus cake icing facepainting. I have to wait for four years ... to appreciate simple joys. That's the problem of many people nowadays. They're too busy to appreciate life. I thank that single day God told me to rest and value my only LIFE.

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