Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ordeal With Mid Adulthood Disease

When I reached my 45th birthday, I started to feel great menstrual discomfort. I am accustomed to the usual dysmynorrhea; it was common that I suffer abdominal spasms during my monthly cycle. The present change was more disturbing and very inconvenient to the point of embarrassing. The heavy flow was irritating and I lose focus on my work. On my 46th year, the condition did not change; furthermore, it turned worse, even worst. I was hemorrhaging for 17 days! The doctor told me that I should have hysterectomy. But I resisted. Succeeding check-ups confirmed the doctor's findings. Still, I did not consent for surgery.

I had so much faith that with natural medicine, I can fight my ovarian cyst plus cervical cyst. I was made aware that the cysts could enlarge much to the detriment of my health. I started taking a brand of papaya food supplement without doctor's advise. I felt confident my condition would improve. Another year lapsed but the condition lingered.

A new therapeutic technology was being promoted involving electrical bed massage and was labeled miracle bed. Two beds were competing: Ceragem and Nugabest. I used both brands due to proximity of any shop to my place.

After a year of off and on therapy, I finally was motivated to see a doctor. The obstetrician had my ultrasound result - negative. But I did not stop going back to the shop whenever I had time; at most once a week. The least was once a month.

Came December 2008. A few days before Christmas I noticed a discharge on my underwear. It was extraordinary for I had reached menopausal few years ago. I was expecting it would turn to red to my

disappointment. It changed to yellow with a funny smell. It was alarming so I decided to visit a specialist right after Christmas. I was so shocked of the doctor’s diagnosis: sexually-transmitted disease. She prescribed an antibiotics and ointment. After a week, I was assured that I will be healed. Wrong. I had to see a friend

doctor and get a second opinion. He referred me to a specialist whom I did not see. I came back to the miracle bed. The whole of January, 5 times a week, I lied down the bed. Still, there was spotting but the smell improved. It was becoming watery this time. I continued till the third week of February. And I became very busy to go back. Fortunately, the discharge dried up. I know I have healed completely. I will not ignore the miracle bed. I

will go back once I have regained my free time. I have so much faith in it that I will grow old using the bed.

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