Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Filipino families are closely-knitted. Culture and traditions of Filipinos were passed on from the numerous ancestors of different races but the strongest in influence are the Spaniards having colonized the country for more than three hundred (300) years. It's a blessing and liability at the same time. As the fundamental unit of the society, the family passes on the traits and practices to the children and to the next generation. Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Fiesta, All Saints'/Souls' Day - these are numerous occasions wherein families gather, reunite and strengthen their bond with each family member. They feel divided if one member is not present.

With the boom of Filipino workers overseas due to their desirable working practices, family members have developed a new custom in treating the members employed abroad. It involves dependence on the support of the ocw for all the family's needs: education of offsprings, birthday celebration, hospitalization, wedding, you name it. No wonder, some of them play the game on the red streets just to be able find additional income. Sad, but true.

They have forgotten about the sacrifices their ocw kin do in order to be able to support all their whims. The pitiful ocw has to work 18 hours for the overtime pay while the folks at home just spends their hard-earned money for their comfort and convenience.

The disadvantage of this is the local folks do not strive to be self-reliant. They stop schooling, remain out-of-school and worst - get hooked on drugs. Some get married and never bother to get a job. But how can one get a job when one is undergraduate from high school? This is the sad picture of some Filipinos who have ocw kin/s.

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