Thursday, May 21, 2009

English Coordinator Goes to Science High School

I was surprised when I learned that the English Coordinator has been chosen to teach in Science High School. I admit, I was expecting somebody else will be chosen. I'm sorry I underestimated the English Coordinator.

I was more surprised when I found out that the one I expected was only rank 3. The main reason for the ranking, I really do not know but the behavior problem was stressed. I learned that he was caught unprepared with lesson plan because he didn't want to do it.

The English Coordinator is really more gentle, sweet for a man. But I appreciate the character that after a disagreement, he would drop by the office to greet me cheerfully. And he would readily cheer me up and give credit for a nice deed I have done.

I am not a wordy person, I do not demonstrate my feelings well. But I'm sure you know who's short of sort.

I am proud of the English Coordinator, Mr. Ronel Balistoy. Good luck and God bless you.

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