Monday, May 25, 2009

Unmasking True Motives

Age and experience are partners when making decisions. One's judgment is more sound out of first hand experience. How does one measure a person's intention/s? How does one evaluate messages of "heroism" instead of arrogance? How does one size up a person's generosity? It's really not a tall order in this age. One can't be misled when the background is obvious. Know the real motive from the available data. Trust more your own judgment.

People who pretend easily give away their true color. Say your privilege speech in the highest place but still your green scales will show. The aura just shows that your words are purely motivated by self-interest. The actions behind your words are not consistent. Your role modeling falls out of place. Your role does not agree to the standard of a model.

Humility is still the best virtue especially in budding leaders. You're just a neophyte in the field and you assume yourself to be great already. People will say you're great when you have proven yourself of greatness. Wait for people to say that. Right now, they want your face away from the surroundings because you have grown to be an arrogant, deceitful, and disrespectful public servant. You're no different from the rest in the government offices in the country. Shame on you. You are pathetic.

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