Sunday, November 4, 2007

English Majors - An Endangered Species

A fellow teacher is taking a personal leave to travel to Korea. I'm personally thrilled and grateful for the absences she will incur. Honestly, she is not to be missed. What pains a head teacher is the lack of human resources. We had a few applicants before the previous schoolyear closed. Two of them had been taken in but only one is teaching English. One applicant got sick and she did not follow up he application at the Division Office. Ruth is teaching aa a volunteer in a foundation school with no compensation. She gets her bread in tutoring a Korean in a nearby village. She was informed of scenario and was very enthusiastic about the job. A conflict in schedule is very imminent because the load of her substitution is in the afternoon till early evening. The Korean would not consent to an adjustment of the tutorial sessions. And Ruth, considering the livelihood she earns from the foreigner, has nothing to do but accept the fate.

I have been asking around for prospects: friends, relatives in the field. Negative. A relative said she can try but she is not English major. She is a Math/Science major. I have accepted the reality that graduates who are English majors are becoming endagered.

This is because lesser students can not meet the demands of English course.

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