Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hazel is Not a Nut

I have been fortunate to have one niece who is sweet and thoughtful. She has made me her idol, that even in the choice of school she chose my alma mater, PWU. We're not so particular about the university. One time she asked me that we meet. It's the first time I have received such invitation from her. The issue? She's a HRM student. She invited me to attend her laboratory in food and beverage. It's a first time for me, especially it coincided with an art exhibit. It sounds exiting.

When we finally met at Southmall, I treated her lunch. She made a few revelations about her other aunts. She has been disappointed by one who just came back from Jordan, and two uncles. She admitted she was afraid of me when she was still a kid. I was strict with my younger siblings, tried to be a role model but somehow didn't work out. We had different background and personalities. We didn't grow up together.

I had the impression that her mother does not understand her - sort of generation gap. Who can understand teen-agers? It's an ordeal for other parents. But I sensed that Hazel is a nice girl. Blood relation is thicker than water and I felt this for Hazel. Diday is not a nut.

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