Monday, March 3, 2008

Tribute Program for Mam de Lachina

I was tasked to prepare the program for the tribute for Miss de Lachina, our school principal whose retirement is March 7, 2008. The over-all coordinator of the event is the Faculty President, Mr. Rex Magdaluyo. Every department was assigned a different task. I guess, the program was easy and very cheap as far as the logistics is concerned.

I used my personal computer which has a printmaster program. It's very easy to use predesigned cards and other social forms with this program. The cover came out very attractive; looks like Mam is a debutante. The design was a flower; sort of pink lily. It was very fitting for the honoree.

The performers were Cherrie Lou Ignacio who sang "You'll Never Walk Alone; Wennilyn Bunda sang "Special Memory". The song numbers were modern Singkil, modern dance, Esperanza, and lastly tango. I performed the tango with a new teacher, Myrone Bungag. Thank, God. We did justice to the latin dance. The Supreme Government Council officers delivered a farewell message. All teachers sang "Thanks To You". I was so irritated when Mrs. Oliver declined to stay at the back as I have requested because she did not attend a single practice. I conducted as they sang and deep inside my hatred was boiling. Can you imagine? This Oliver stayed at the back of Miss De Lachina "feeling" so nice and close. How I despise that woman who has no ethics and social graces. She is fitted to be in perya in barangay fiestas.

Picture-taking was done by table and by department. So many acted like teen-agers, so eager in posing with Ma'am. Didn't leave the area and joined all picture taking. I joined only once in the table, with English department (once again,how unlady-like was Oliver who posed beside Mam with open mouth and lungs coming out. Disgusting!)

Dr. Victoriano did not attend, sent Mrs. Violeta Gonzales, English Supervisor to deliver/read her message. Everyone was jubilant. I admit, I have never danced nonstop before. I danced with Mr. de Vera, Mr. Pedro, and Sir de los Santos: all Principals. I also danced with Rico Espiritu, a female guest from CAA, Gina Aguites; and the GPTA Pres., Mrs. Aurora Saunar.

I'm happy and proud that the program was very successful. As I admitted in my closing remarks, in all the programs I have prepared, that was the most festive, colorful and most successful. I thank God for this and all the teachers who practiced patiently their production number.

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