Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New OIC

March 6, another program was held at Golden Acres National HS. This time it's the turnover of the retiring Principal to her successor OIC. I admit, I'm very pleased with the development. Mrs. Violeta Gonzales, or Mam Davi to many, has been designated OIC while the next Principal has not been chosen yet. She is willing to give a shoulder that I can cry on. At least, I believe she is genuinely concerned about my plight ever since.

I made the introduction for her in the turnover ceremony. No long speech, just an informal way of introduction:

"Today, I am tasked to talk about a lady... I am greatly honored having assigned to perform the task. When I approached to ask for pertinent personal information, she decline to give me any, rationalizing in all humility that such information is not necessary. I have known her since 1991 as a colleague at Las PiƱas National HS (Main). I have known her to be jolly, sweet and considerate. I may not see her often, but when I do, I learn a lot from her. Now that she's going to be our OIC, I hope to learn more from her. Ladies and gentlemen, the OIC of ..... Mrs. Violeta Mabaza Gonzales."

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