Friday, October 26, 2007

Accepting Responsibility - A Bitter Pill

Prophet Jonah was sent to places where religion is not known and naturally Jonah was reluctant so he boards a ship to run away from God. But a great storm came and he realized that he had endangered all passengers because he rejected God. When the passengers found Jonah, they threw him overboard and a large fish swallows him for three days and three nights. The fish spews him out on the shore.

This gospel reminds us that if ever we are given a responsibility, we are to fulfill the duty. Running away is not the answer. Jesus makes it clear that loving starts outside one's kin and nation - one's enemy and the one's that we despise and fear - the one's that we do not consider "Good". "Love your enemies" is a bite of gall. But if we do, we have heeded Jesus when he said "Do this and live."

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