Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Courting Tragedy

Two of my friends, an elderly and a young adult became disabled simultaneously this month. These two men have been part of my career as public school teacher. The elderly whom we call Lolo Jim loved fatty food plus internal organs specialties. Before the fatal stroke, one Saturday, he feasted on three pieces of balut and a a bottle of beer. He could manage to kid about it saying, "Tomorrow the cholesterol rich food will take effect. He was referring to Sunday. It didn't happen that Sunday. The mild stroke happened Monday. When a younger colleague tried to assist, he proudly bid, "Don't make it obvious. I don't want them (female students) to notice." He admitted it was a mild stroke, even recited a tongue twister to confirm his theory. He went home driving a motorbike with his wife as backrider. Didn't see a doctor that day. Tuesday, he still drove his motorbike until he could not move his leg anymore. Fortunately, he still could use his hand to send text message to his daughter. Too late, after hospital hopping, he was admitted at the intensive care unit. He is now out of danger. Sad, that he can't come back to the teaching profession.
The young adult was my student, called by everyone as Co-rics. He wasn't a brilliant type of student. He had good public relations. He became a very active boyscout official after graduation. He showed much concern for our boy scouts. He helped in controlling the discipline and peace and order in the school in times when teachers are indisposed.
That fatal day, he drove a tricycle with his mother as rider. A careless driver rammed his car on the frail tricyle. He was lucky to be alive. His mother was likewise injured. The spinal column was severely damaged. He is scheduled to have three months rest. He was contemplating to run for the Sangguniang Kabataan election. That would not be necessary at this time.

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