Monday, October 22, 2007

Makiling Botanical Garden

Makiling is a mountain in Laguna, Philippines. Laguna is rich very rich in natural resources as proven by this wonderful place. The mountain from afar is shaped like a woman lying on its side. Mt. Makiling got its name from a very beautiful maiden named Mariang Makiling. It is said that this maiden does not tolerate visitors who do not appreciate nature. Dreadful things can happen to those who challenge the mythical figure.

Having a supervisory position has benefitted me somehow. After the quarterly test, the last thing that would come into my mind is relaxation. As a teacher, computations of different components is an obstacle to rest and recreation. So on October 20, we visited the Botanical Garden of Makiling. I was not amazed at all. Having been in Dolores, Quezon, to visit another mountain, "Bundok Banahaw" I didn't see any difference. Bundok Banahaw is extremely challenging for mountain climbers. I would say, Mt. Makiling is only a hill. The only "come-on" of the place is the few species of eagles. True, the eagles are considered as near to extinction. We can see more in Mindanao where there are thicker forests.

The plants that abound are similar to what I have seen around Tagaytay, minus the exotic flowers. Being in Makiling is just like strolling in an ordinary garden. I would not even recommend it for picnics. This is one proof that the government is more inclined in politicking, corruption. I could only wish that Maria punish these guilty persons. This is probably the reason why Pagsanjan is the tourism capital of the province.

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