Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Desperate Tremendously

Who are the most in demand medical workers in the whole world? Where did they study? Why would an American TV show attempt to change the reality? Reality is, issues about education happen anywhere in the world. They just happen to pick on the Filipinos because they're jealous about Filipino nurses and doctors dominating the hospitals all over the world. How patients love Filipinos as nurses! Do I have to cite statistics? Wake up, WORLD!

Any desperate housewife will confide in ANY Filipino hospital staff. They can be good friends even after discharge. So, who's desperate now?

The production of Desperate Housewives resort to sensationalism. That's below the belt in the arena of journalism. Well, who cares if it's broadcasted worldwide? A Filipino friend is everywhere. They can speak for themselves. Or, do they really need to?

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