Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Because of You

Amalia Arafol from I-Sampaguita (Batch 2007-2008) handed me an oslo paper last Feb. 29(2008) containing a poem. I did not expect such an act because I have scolded her a few times for not taking her studies seriously. I have seen that she has potential but she is not exerting any effort to maximize such potential.

Do you know who made me change?
Do you know when I hit the range?
It's the very moment we met
And let me discover things I cannot forget.

You are different above them all
You are the answer upon all call
You can appreciate things undone
You can make two different things one.

It is you who I share my knowledge
And I will not let you stand on the edge
All alone and feel sorry
I will be here, don't worry.

I will be there for bleed and shed
Through my glimpse turns me dead
I will not feel guilt nor repent
I will not and I just can't.

Will you please appreciate
This little poem which I devour my faith
For the very time that you raise me strong
And grasp me from the path of wrong.

Here then, accept my gratitude
And I do, thank your aptitude
Now that I know what to do,
I had changed because of you.

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