Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poem from I-Sampaguita

Before SY 2007-2008 closed a group of I-Sampaguita students came to me and gave a gift. The gift is not similar to the usual. It's a green cartolina which contains a copied song entitled "Thanks to You". On the other side is an original composition of Elgie Marie Fuego entitled "Thank You":

For teaching us how to stand
To be creative and imaginative enough
To speak with courage
And to expand our knowledge.

Giving yourself as an example
To imitate by other people
Showing a great difference
And a noticeable patience.

These are some things to realize
To describe,to mention and to recognize
And these are reasons even few
But let us say a . . .

"Thank you."

In another fold/side of the cartolina are heartwarming messages:

"Even though you are not my mom, you teach me to be a good and kind student, especially a good son...
(Alvin Lake Tubay, Charlie Amarela)

"Maraming salamat sa lahat ng mga naituro nyo sa amin.
(Cagadas & Chuan)

" I know that you got mad when I quit on the Speech Club and I'm very sorry for that. But i thank you for your knowledge you share with me.
I also appreciate all the beautiful deeds you show to me. You help me to enhance my self-confidence that is very useful to me up to now. I wish you all the best and may God Bless You!
(John Allen Fernando)

More to follow on the next blog.

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