Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Michael Olivo, RIP

Let me first thank Mouse e Teclado for the comment to my post "Heartwarming Message". I'm flattered that a big international company paid attention to my post. This made me realize that I should continue writing about my students.

So here, it is.

Let me point out that this post is not so pleasant. I just want to point out that a message given to me long time ago became a reality.

During my first year of teaching at Golden Acres Annex of Las PiƱas National High School (Greater Metro Manila, Philippines) I handled the last section (I-El Vibora) in First Year as Adviser. It was my first time to teach the freshmen in my 8 years of teaching. It was a very challenging assignment having to advise students from different family backgrounds.

Michael Olive was one of those who can be considered comfortable because his mother is a city government day care teacher and his father is a Phil. navy serviceman. At the end of the school year, I gave them a slum notebook to write on. This is what Michael wrote:

March 30, 1999

I hate to say goodbye because I will miss my classmates and I don't want to be separated from them. And I'm afraid that the others will be retained in first year. I wish some day the students of I-El Vibora will meet again and that is only my dream. I know it won't happen.

I love you Ma'am and I wish you will be my adviser again next school year.
Signed Michael F. Olivo

Michael died from tragic crime after graduation in high school (2003). I just attended my uncle's wake and funeral in Sorsogon. I was not able to pay respect to his remains.

Five years after his death, I chanced on to read former students' messages. I suddenly realized that while still alive he had the vision that he will not meet his classmates again. No matter how, it won't happen to him for he has passed AWAY.

May the soul of Michael Olivo have everlasting peace. May his killers get their just punishment in their next life.

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