Monday, April 28, 2008

Clean-Up and Tree Program

The closing of Palarong Pambansa in Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan coincides with the Las Piñas City Clean-Up and Tree Program. April 25 - high school principals attended the closing of the Palarong Pambansa. I was designated OIC by Mam DAvi. What sheer luck for me! I have to manage that teachers will cooperate in the said program. With the help of Mrs. Austero, Mrs. Honrales, Mrs. de Castro and Dr. Ranie Copada, I felt confident that we can succeed.

The CAT trainees were of great help. I am very thankful that they were present. They did most of the dirty ground work - digging the ground, carrying the mahogany seedlings which male teachers will not willingly do. The Supreme Students Government also came to extend a helping hand. I assigned one officer to have the attendance signed by the participants. I divided the participants into two groups: one for the Candido Ramos Drive; the other beside the covered court along Marcos Alvarez Avenue.

Everyone found the program enjoyable though Mrs. Nicolas only prepared coffee and bread.

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