Monday, February 18, 2008

Engr. Jun Lozada

Out of nowhere, here comes a new hero after the revelation of De Venecia on the ZTE controversy. They turned their ire on the father when he was ousted from his post in the Lower House. Is he telling a lie? or the truth? Qood question! Survey says: We Only 8% believed Lozada is lying. Of course, only NCR is involved in the survey.

From his looks, he is very much Chinese from Albay. It was revealed that he could pay P400,000 annually for the membership in Wack-Wack Golf and enjoy all its amenities. Rich guy. But why did he reveal the ZTE deal? Is it for more money to doubly enrich himself? Can't help doubting his motive. We're tired of such issues in politics. Comes the "Gloria Resign" move again from the opponents and religious sector.

Whatever be the motive, this will affect the dollar rate. Whatever it is, we can see the reality in our government. Until now processing of election is done manually. How many elections have already passed after the proposal of its computerization? Teachers were so hopeful that their sufferings during elections will be over? Why can't it become reality? For simple reason that politicians especially those incumbents cannot cheat the result.

It is a noble intention to give the computers to public schools where students cannot afford to buy the gadget or pay internet cafe fees. But in my own experience, our school being a recipient of 10 units of foreign oriented computers, very few students can use the computers; not all teachers can enjoy the facility. So many controlling factors rearding the maintenance.

We thank Jun Lozada, hoping earnestly that we can move one big step: imprison the greatest mastermind of all times - First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

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