Sunday, February 10, 2008

Unsolicited Love

I received a joke thru text messaging from an unknown sender: somebody who didn't tell me he/she changed her sim card.

They were best friends since they were kids. Dianne kept her love for Enzo secret. Years passed, they separated ways and stopped communicating with eache other. But Dianne still hoped Enzo would come back.

After two years, her prayers were answered. She received a message: "Diane, I have surprise. I'm coming back. Love and kisses, Enzo.

She waited at the airport, but he didn't arrive. Then a sexy lady said,"I'm Lyn, friend of Enzo. I have bad news." Tears fell from Diane's eyes. Then the lady smiled and said. "Gaga, It's me - ENZO!"

This may be just a joke. But who can really say? I believe this story is not impossible. Other related stories happen everyday. We tend to love strongly, unconditionally only to find out in the end, the feeling you have was wasted for nothing. Your passion has taken you to extreme dimension only to find out that the passion you fervidly fought for was consumed by an icy spirit. In other divine cases just like Vangie and Sam: it's simply putting it in "You're not meant for each other. God has a different mission for each of you." Easily said but difficult to handle. After a year, insomnia could infest the bereaved lady.

It's about time to shift direction. Destiny is not for us to discern. The indefinite designs are from above.

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