Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's Not All IQ

Being a teacher in English means not only teaching the macro skills listening/speaking, language/grammar, reading, and writing. I make it a point to tell my students especially the first section to stay humble. I give very high consideration on humility. Students who belong to the first section tend to feel they are intelligent and don't need others' help. The situation at present is they do not have respect for teachers who are not their current subject teachers. Many of them would just pass without any sign of courtesy.

Intelligence is the faculty of a person that allows an individual to absorb knowledge and to understand such knowledge. They absorb the word "respect" understand the meaning, but it is not practiced. Filipino culture of "kissing the hand" of elders is most likely a thing of the past for them. Time will come when they will grow old. They will realize that "it's not all iq".

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