Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Forgive

When I was in the elementary grades, I became a contestant in a declamation competition. "Vengeance Is Ours, It's God's" was my ticket to visit other towns of Sorsogon. I luckily landed the second placer. Tears wouldn't come out as I recited "I saw my father hanging, dead!"

I had a number of ordeals that other people would coax me to do revenge. I have been rebuked, insulted, put to shame, ignored completely for greedy motive. To all these, I fought through logic and temperance. My antagonists, one of whom has intelligence which should enable him to understand complicated conditions; yet until now fail to accept God's will.

Came a time that even young individuals put me in a hot spot when they reported to their teacher in English who was supposed to be my subordinate that I announced during the Festival In English and Speech Talents (FEAST) competition that they were not good in pronunciation. How their teacher hated me and thought ill of me. I even reported the matter to their adviser. When other neutral teachers investigated, they (students) asserted that they really heard me give such statement. I did not confront the students. I wouldn't waste my energy in such trivial matter. I trust that the time will come when they will realize their fault.

And it did; This Valentine's Day happened what I anticipated. I was surprised by their move. They were about to enter the Faculty Room but we (a fellow teacher and a student teacher) heave come out of the room to go home. They greeted me "Happy Valentine and we would like to say sorry for what we said about you during the FEAST.
I have descended five stairs and didn't want to respond but I heard one insistent voice, asking for my reply. While descending more stairs, couldn't deny them so I replied. "What could I say? The damage has been done but I forgive you. And voices answered back, "Thank you, Mam."

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