Monday, February 23, 2009

Loving is Giving Space

In loving someone, you feel you want to be beside with the beloved always. As the song goes, We are inseparable, that's how it is, inseparable." When you are with each other, as if things will not turn to the wrong direction. You feel so whole, warm, safe, content, and hilariously happy. On the contrary, you feel that if you are not beside your beloved, you love each other less. There's the saying also "Out of sight, out of mind." When you are far from each other, thoughts of going stray from the bond of one of the party is very tempting. It's crazy, you're mind is racing while your heart is palpitating. It's breaking you heart and your head gets a migraine as stomach is churning. Every muscle of your body is acidic. The reality, I myself feel embarrassed for tagging along a lot of times. I am telling the world, "I'm so desperate to watch over him, see him do all things, be around him at all times." It gives a message of immaturity, faithlessness and selfishness.

Giving space to the beloved is giving trust. It is your chance to say, "Your love is true, I need not be blue. What fear I feel, what insecurity may be budding - I have to fight and dislodge from my mind. I have to trust my love and myself. I am God's creature, sophisticated and complicated though simple in many ways. I just love to continue to love. That's the reason for my existence. Love is meaningless without sacrifice. Sacrifice makes love sweeter.

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