Thursday, February 19, 2009

Son Refuses to be Wed

I do not take pride in my son's refusal to be wed. I'm not trying to justify his action. It all started as a happy affair. Sheryl had to undergo treatment in order to avoid miscarriage. I wasn't expecting the close date in marriage of my only two sons; Erik being wed thru civil rites last December 8. But responsibility calls for the male to save the dignity of a pregnant girlfriend. I could feel that Teng was willing to take the responsibility. My son has grown up to be a Man. I was optimistic that he will mature more with the new development.

But alas! While waiting for the improvement of Sheryl's condition, a disaster occured. How, when and other details I was not truly aware. But I felt it was the right thing to do - not to push thru with the marriage. The hurt party hurled negative and below the belt accusations and character assasination to the whole family. I just took them peacefully. We cannot see the child. We will not be recognized at all. She is a girl, that's all I know.

In the future when she grows up, I am confident that she will search for her blood. I am now. My father is also anonymous and I long to meet him until my last breath.

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