Sunday, February 22, 2009

Loving Makes the Impossible Happen

One can be amazed how loving people can make impossible things become a reality. Love becomes a very potent force that things you have never done can become a reality. It gives one the drive, strength, time, faculties for one to do things for the loved one. It is a reality accepted that blood is thicker than water. However, there are people who do not show care and affection to their relatives. It is a tendency for people to ignore or take relatives for granted, especially if they're not dependent on each other. Just like any ecological community, bonds are established on the met needs - especially the financial aspect. It is ironical that loving cannot be demonstrated in every sense of the word without the facility. How can you give gifts without it? How can you give vitamins, ticket for concert, dinner in a restaurant, capital for business? It is sad that relatives who cannot provide financial support are those who are being taken for granted.

It is a material world indeed. The home cannot flourish in an empty stomach. Children will grow ignorant if parents do not spend for their education. Family members will not glow if they do not enjoy balanced meal in the dining table. They will have short life span when diseases will not be treated with costly medication. But when one truly loves, he will go to extremes just to provide for the needs of loved ones. That's the only time we can say "Love makes the world go round". Prince Valiant for all his mighty strength will weaken without his Princes Alita.

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