Friday, February 20, 2009

Message for Students during JS Promenade

The month of February is very special to Filipinos. We look forward to this month just as we would wait for Christmas. Filipinos are romantic by nature. We express our love to many people close to our heart by giving gifts, singing carols, cooking holiday food and many more. We celebrate Christmas tirelessly even in the midst crisis. February is the time for more expression of love and affection. Valentines Day may be over last February 14 for the world, but not to the Filipinos.We extend the hearts' day until the 28th or 29th during leap year.

Let us show our love in the positive and fruitful way. I do not say that having relationship is inappropriate. Love comes without giving any notice. You just fee it. You feel butterflies in your stomach. You get excited just by seeing the face of that special someone. But please, in behalf of 63 teachers in our wonder school, this our advise to you: No PMS. Treasure your dignity until your wedding night. It's the most priceless gift you can give to your spouse. It is heavenly to learn the art of lovemaking with your legal and moral spouse. You can face God and the society with pride. In these times that we are financially burden, the only wealth we can be proud of is our dignity.

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