Friday, January 18, 2008

After Midlife's Challenge

My principal's retirement is fast approaching. Everyday, I count my days of being a department head at my present assignment may come to a stop for a new assignment in another school. Happy or sad? Can't help it. It is destined to happen after I passed the principalship exam in 2005 and appointed head teacher in 2007. Only three of us who passed the said exam became head teachers. The other two are already holding school head OIC assignment respectively. I should be next...

Hopeful? Pessimistic? It is bound to happen, whether i like it or not. I'm saddened that I have to be an office person from June to May, Monday to Friday. So much paper work. So many conferences to attend, meetings to preside, lessons to observe, etc., etc. No more vacations to faraway Sorsogon, Borongan? It will be so much pressure to be in the office everyday. It won't be that exciting except for travels due to official functions. Will that be adventure to the fullest? In my age, adventure seems a thing of the past. Although, I still would like to add more pictures of sceneries or natural landscapes: beaches, mountains, flowers, birds, butterflies.

I really would like to see the whole country. Beeing a school head will give me that opportunity. Communion with nature is always a priority whenever I visit a place. The fresh air that tells me "Thank God, you're still alive", is still the best reward I can have.

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