Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rotary Club of Imus East - Quo Vadis?

2002 - one of the dark years in my teaching career. My new principal treats me in such a way I didn't quite appreciate and vise versa. It was a dilemmna to get a replacement for the promoted one based on seniority or strong personality. The school was still an annex of the mother school, short of funds. Canteen is doing well but still very much in need.

Being an officer of the Pag-iribang Bicolnon cang Sto. Niño de Molino, Inc. (Association of Bicolanos in the Parish of Sto. Niño de Molino, Bacoor, Cavite, I came to know fellow Bicolanos who are Rotarians. I volunteered to be a coordinator of the club in our school. Many students reside in Queensrow, Greenvalley. My target members will not be a problem. Some of them are in the cream section.

The first year, we got a leader from IV-B, happened to be elected out of popularity not by competence. The succeeding leaders went well. We had many projects. Rotary supported us generously. One project which was implemented whole year round: Botica sa Eskwela. We were supplied with over-the-counter drugs for firs aid. The Amoxicillin was prohibited for young people without doctor's prescription. A lot expired.

2007 - the first female president was elected in Rotary Club of Imus-East. Nothing wrong with the gender. It's not an issue in Rotary. What's sad is the lack of fund or machinery to generate funding for the projects proven effective for years. It's 2008 now, more than half of the Rotary year has lapsed. So far, we only had three activities: Alay Lakad, District Assembly, On-the-spot poster/card making where we were fortunate to win the 2nd place with the expertise of multi-awarded Mikahil Roy Oclos. The School Botica is slowly dying. During the Club Christmas Party last December 30, I was informed that it will be revived. I wonder when.

It's still a bit immature to think of the next rotary year. I don't even expect that I could still be a part in the future: change of assignment maybe. I hope that Mr. Albis can revive the Rotary of Imus East. I hope and pray that he will support my project: to write Cavite legends. He owns a printing press. It's very appropriate timing. For now, the big question is: Quo vadis, Rotary Club of Imus East?

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