Thursday, January 17, 2008

Journey After Midlife

Dante Alleghieri considers 35 as the midlife age in his Divine Comedy. I quite agree though at present I am aware that few relatives of friends pass away at 20's. Furthermore, with the new diseases like AIDS, cancer, diabetes, Filipinos can not reach the age of 70.

In all honesty, I may have not met my real biological father whom my mother identified as TAN PENG HONG, I am very grateful that he has passed on to me that real Chinese self discipline. It is very evident in me, for at 53 I still can wear Medium size RTW. My complexion is unlike the others, thanks again to the oriental blood.

Life at midlife is the admission that the end of the line can come any moment. I have fell flat in Coastal Road when the jeep I was in suddenly roared into motion. My fault, I did not tell the driver I was taking the coming bus. I could have been run over by the approaching jeep. Fortunately, the jeepney driver saw me so he did not start his engine.

I approach the end of the line day by day, preparing temporal provisions for the dignified "departure". I try to help people in need to the best of my ability, financially. I still manage to serve the church by being a choir member. I have managed to maintain my commitment and hope that my voice will stay crisp until I reach 60. I am proud that at this age I can still hit the right notes without sounding 50-ish. Jazz. samba. bossa are very cool. I do not feel tensed when hitting high notes.

I am contented with my life now. Many things did not turn out the way I expected them to be when I was younger or newly maried. I just have to accept reality. If I have made wrong decisions, I reap the fruits and pray for the salvation of my sould come judgment day.

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