Monday, January 21, 2008

An Extraordinary Girl

In my career as a public school teacher, one person has made it most meaningful. From 1991 up to present, none can equal her qualities.

She's just a very ordinary girl when I met her, except for her courage knowing she is Waray. Furthermore, her loyalty is remarkable. She will stand by you when she knows you're right. She's quite generous as well. She's willing to give away the laptop, cellphone of her deceased boyfriend. She willingly shared Php20,000.00 for my 50th birthay.

When everyobody turned their back on me, including my own blood, she was there to cheer me up. When all point their accusing fingers at me, she's the only one left to encourage me. When I fell phycically ill, she's took care of me in my hospital bed.
When she's happy, she brightens my day. When she's in bad mood, she keeps quiet in order not to bother me.

When she flew to far foreign country of Lebanon, she did not abandon me. She left November 2003, only 10 months away from my 50th birthday. I planned to celebrate but she had a better plan. She sent me Php20,000 so I could carry on that celebration. Of course, I did not splurge the gift for my party, the accomodation and food only amounted to Php5,000.00. The rest I used to open a checking account for the Pag-ibig payments for the planned school.

Four years after, the school has been established. Thanks tremendously to the extraordinary girl, VANGIE. So many superlative descriptions can be attributed to her, you can give your own.

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