Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Dilemma of a Secondary Public School Teacher

Every school year, a teacher gets to teach 60 to 90 students in a class. Usually, students are classified according to intellectual capacity. As enrolment officer, I prefer to combine students of different level of intelligence. It is catastrophe letting teachers teach students with 75% general average. Many of these students with 75% average have lack subject/s. It is such a punishment for a teacher to be section adviser of this class. During the first quarter, almost half of the class get failing grades.

The cycle goes on and on. It's like a rollercoaster diving to the bottom having to attend to the concerns of such students. I do not say that these students are the most unlovable creatures on earth. Most of them need attention, care and most of all support - moral, spiritual, material. One strong factor behind their poor performance in school is lack of parents' support in all three acpects. Many parents have left the obligation of looking after their childs' welfare to the school. The poor youth is left confused, neglected. All because of parents' lack of moral responsibility - bringing up several children they could hardly support.

Come last quarter: the poor child has sunk down the list of graduating students. The poor soul is clinging on to a spider's web for survival. It is the teacher full of torment who bears the calvary - to promote or retain. The parents come in sullen faces, the mother in tears. The students feel so downhearted. The teacher is destined to feel all the misery. PASS or RETAIN?

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