Monday, January 28, 2008

Candida Reodica, RIP

She was a public school teacher in Batangas. We fondly called her "Mader". Her husband, we call "Edad", retired from Bureau of Posts. They had seven live children: 5 boys, 2 girls. All of them were my friends. No age gap for me. They are respectful. I cheered for them during basketball leagues, except for Reinier, and the two girls. Erik, Warren were the closest because we were together in the pastoral council and choir.

When they both retired from the service, they transferred to Palawan. They lived a very simple life, sans electricity in their farm. They toiled their farm in spite of their growing years. Disease is inevitable. Ageing body is vulnerable to it. While the children have individually prospered; married or still single. Grandchildren started to come, more and more. Life is blissful.

The day came to a halt. Mader passed away. An ideal mother and wife has joined the Maker. She is dearly missed but she deserves to be reunited with all the angels and saints, especially our Father. Adieu, Mader. Till then when we join you in paradise.

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celeste said...

Yes madir! i miss you so much! i love you! your daughter - ice