Saturday, January 26, 2008

Enjoying Life After Midlife

An old friend, former colleague co-faculty in high school who now resides in Georgia, USA commented on the pictures I posted in my friendster: "You seem to be enjoying out there." I truly am. I don't have many friends. I don't go out a lot. I visit close friends for bonding. I just make sure tasks are completed. There's not much now as a headteacher. Just seasonal reports; teachers don't like to be observed. I can't force myself to observe classes when I'm not welcomed.

Why is life enjoyable after midlife? Two sons are employed. We don't see each other a lot. After the Christmas holiday, there's no especial reason to compel them to be home since they're busy with job and other personal concerns. I have adjusted to such life. I'm very comfortable this way, working alone late at night in the internet. I even long to solicit research jobs to make more out of my vacant time. I heard that using the internet, researches can be accomplished for people in far-away places like the USA. Hey, maybe I will do just that: with friends in
Georgia, California, Nevada.

Well, being busy is my hobby. When I'm not tasked to do anything, I do a lot of creative artcrafts. Being a head teacher does not mean I do not handle students anymore. Well, you're wrong. I have a speech club to develop students' self confidence to perform through speech talents. I make mini certificates to "award" performers. I also take care of the readers of selections in the School's "Drop Everything and Listen (DEAL).

The most important part of my being busy in the weekends is the singing in a church choir in Sto. NiƱo de Molino Parish (Catholic) Church. It has enhanced my voice, at 53, I can still hit those high notes of Mat Monro, Spriral Staircase, Barbara Streisand. It widened my circle of friends as well from different walks of life. A few are plain housewives, others are corporate managers, realtors. It's fun caroling during Christmas to raise fund for the choir; even singing in a funeral wake - we take pride doing this for friends.

So, the point here is, don't fret when menopause strikes. There is still life after productive years. I challenge you to enjoy it; just like me.

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