Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thanks to Cousin & Husband

Desperate about my problem with Camella Homes, I was tempted to seek counsel from a private lawyer, a friend of a fellow teacher. I gave a copy of my letter complaint and the advise was to have a demand letter. I tested the water whether that attorney would do me a favor of such letter but the reply was that I talk to Camella people first. Well, my letter clearly stated that I have been waiting for a year for their the much-needed appropriate action. Last resor, contact my cousin whose husband is an attorney.

Bubbles was accomodating and receptive to the idea. She herself composed the demand letter and had it signed by her husband Bogs. I delivered the demand letter at Camella Homes Administrative Department. I waited for the response.

December 22, 3 days far from Christmas day, a team from Camella Homes visited our place and reassured us that the action will be done after Christmas. And so it is after Christmas because they came back January 3. Too late, another crisis has happened: my toilet is again clogged. The next day, no workers reported. I pleaded to speed up their work to remedy the crisis. It is now January 9, the feast of the Jesus Christ Nazarene, I am also carrying a cross until clogging will be cleared.

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